The Tallest Man On Earth(SWEDEN)

Thu 7 Dec 2023


Henry St Tour

Date / Time

Doors 7:30PM
Start 8:00PM


GA Standing (Floor)
Reserved Seating (Mezzanine)


From $68.90

The Tallest Man On Earth – project of Swedish musician Kristian Matsson – will visit Australia for the Henry St Tour this December.

Matsson has spent much of the last decade touring the world as The Tallest Man On Earth, captivating audiences using “every inch of his long guitar cord to roam the stage: darting around, crouching, stretching, hip-twitching, perching briefly and jittering away…” (The New York Times). In 2020, Matsson left New York City and returned to his farm in Sweden where he drowned out his thoughts by manically growing vegetables in his garden. Imaginative writing did not come easily to Matsson during this time of collective forced solitude, and when it did, he found himself commenting on the darkness. It was only near the end of 2021, as he began to tour again, that the inspiration returned. “When I’m in motion, I can focus on my instinct, have my daydreams again. When I was finally able to tour again, I started writing like a madman.” He eventually had a collection of songs, revealing what would become Henry St, an album that sees Matsson exploring his own stubborn optimism and “how to be a person in this world.”

“Henry St. is the most playful, most me album yet, because it covers so many of the different noises in my head,” says Matsson. “When you overthink things, you get further away from your original ideas. And God knows I overthink things when I’m by myself.” The time in isolation also brought him some newfound peace of mind. “Having been away from it taught me that making music and performing is what I’m doing for the rest of my life, and I’m so grateful for it. It has given me new confidence and playfulness. This is what I do. It’s unconditional.”